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Please read this site's privacy policy.

Comment Forms

The Blog and Web Apps sections have a comment form in which (besides the comment itself) only the a name (may be a pseudonym) and an email address are required. The email address is never displayed on the website to anybody other than the site admin. Besides the user-submitted details, we also store your IP address.

Two external services are used with the comment form. The Gravatar service only gets passed an encrypted email address. The anti-spam service Akismet gets passed all user-submitted details, plus the IP address, in order to check it for spam markers.

Contact Form

Any details submitted via the contact form (notably the required name and email) will be kept private and confidential.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by your internet browser. You can delete cookies at any time - consult your browser's documentation for instructions. Please read the separate cookie information page.

Comment Form
The "Remember?" option uses a cookie to store your name, email and (if entered) website for future use. Selecting the "Forget" option next time you submit a comment deletes the previously stored cookie.
Visitor Tracking/Statistics
This website uses Google Analytics to anonymously log visitors to the site by IP address. The data collected will never be used for anything other than tracking visitor numbers and referring websites. The collected data is covered by the Google privacy policies. Note: Google have provided an Opt-out Browser Add-on (Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox) to provider visitors with more choice over how data collected by Google Analytics.