This page lists the cookies that are used on and what they are for. This information applies to all sites and directories (subsites/subdirectories) on the the domain.

The information on this page is provided towards compliance of EU Directive 2002/58 Privacy and Electronic Communications (Amendment) Regulations 2011.

About Third Party Cookies does not carry ad supported content, and therefore does not have any advertisement cookies that follow you from site to site tracking your behaviour and preferences.

The only third party cookies we have are either functional or for our own analytical purposes.

Types of Cookie

There are two types of cookie: "Session cookies" are temporary in nature and will be deleted when you close your browser. "Persistent cookies" last for a predetermined length of time (from a few hours or days to years) and are deleted after the time is up or if you manually delete browser cookies.

Cookies in Use

Cookie Details
Domain Name Lifespan Purpose
Essential: "strictly necessary" for the functioning of the site.
There are no essential cookies required for this website to function.
Functional: supports the site features, such as remembering your name/email in the comment forms. txp_remember Persistent Comment form "remember me?" option.
txp_email Comment form Email (if "remember me?" is ticked).
txp_name Comment form Name (if "remember me?" is ticked).
txp_web Comment form Website URL (if "remember me?" is ticked).
Analytical: collects anonymous information about how visitors use the site, so we can work on ways to improve the site. __qca Persistent Google Analytics (More info/opt-out)
__utmc Session
__atuvc Persistent Updates the "share" count for AddThis social networking tool (More info/opt-out) - no longer used, but you may still have the cookie hanging around -- just delete it.
Third Party: cookies created by sites other than PREF Persistent Google Analytics (More info/opt-out)